Granola Bars For Breakfast – A Perfect Meal

Granola Bars For Breakfast

What is Granola

Granola is mainly prepared baking a mixture of various ingredients such as quick cooking oats, maple syrup, nuts and at times, also added is puffed rice. Granola is rich in calories contributed mainly through carbohydrate & fat sources such as cereals and nuts respectively. Granola bars also comprise somewhat same composition, except that they may vary in their composition of nuts & cereals.

Importance Of Breakfast

It is important to begin our day with a wholesome meal since it sets the metabolism going after the night long fast. It maintains the pace of the metabolic rate in the body throughout the day. Studies have well elucidated the correlation between beginning the day with a wholesome breakfast with sustained attention spans, improved concentration levels through the day and commendable productivity among subjects having breakfast.

Subjects starting their day skipping breakfast have found themselves feel more sluggish halfway through the day and also reported to have more junk food cravings to satisfy their hunger pangs. Skipping breakfast also leads to overeating in the next main meal to compensate for the previous skipped meal. Making a habit of skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain in the long run. Hence, including a healthy breakfast is one of the first strategies for facilitating weight loss.

Choosing Breakfast Options

Nowadays, with the early morning hours being a rush time for most people to reach their workplaces in time, finding time to have a wholesome breakfast is quite difficult to manage. Also, not many have the time to cook breakfast in the morning. It is, however, important to include all macronutrients in the breakfast such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats in proportionate amounts.

An easy to carry travel snacks option like granola bars can be had while traveling and also solve the problem of having to cook breakfast daily.

How Is Granola Bars A Better Option Than Granola Breakfast Cereal

As mentioned previously, the composition of granola bars and the granola breakfast cereal are quite similar to each other. The latter may require milk to be added which acts as a disadvantage for it since it can’t be portable to be consumed while traveling.

On the other hand, choosing a granola bar on extremely busy days can save your breakfast time by having them while traveling, without having to skip your breakfast. Carry a tetra pack of soya milk or almond milk and a granola bar; both these can serve a wholesome quick, on-the-go breakfast.

Wish to make your quick breakfast more wholesome? Include a bowl of sprouts or a medium serving of fruit smoothie or plain greek yogurt and you are done with sorting your breakfast for the day!

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