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 Weight: 228 Gm | Unit: Pack of 6

  • Never miss the taste of Mango Anytime! Any Season!
  • High in fibre, protein rich
  • Made up of wholesome nuts & seeds
  • Low in sugar and fats
  • Easy to carry and tasty to eat, a perfect snack on the go
  • Suitable for Kids

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Never miss the taste of Mango-Ginger! Anytime! Any Season! Your longing for the mango ginger smoothies flavor will be contented by the Eat Anytime Mango-Ginger nutrition bar. This energy bar is bestowed upon all of us as bliss from the king of fruits Alphonso Mango. Boost your immune system with all natural flavors which liquesce in your mouth to bring a squish of nutriment on the go.

Additional Information

Nutrition Facts

Mango Ginger Bars Nutrition Fact

Serving Size 1 Bar (38g) Servings Per Container 6

Energy - 161Kcal
Total Fat - 5.38g
- Saturated Fat - 0.60g
- Transat - 0.00g
- PUFA - 1.51g
- MUFA - 3.26g
Total Carb - 24.05g
- Sugar - 13.14g (NO ADDED SUGAR)
- Dietary Fiber - 4.36g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Protein - 4.25g

Black Dates
Pumpkin Seeds
Ginger Powder
Palm Kernel Oil
Vitamin E