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 Weight: 232 Gm | Unit: Pack of 6

  • 6 Exotic flavors - Chocolate & Peanut Butter, Butterscotch, Berry Blast, Orange, Mango-Ginger, Chyawanprash.
  • Fuel up your body with goodness of fibers.
  • Made up of superfoods and seeds
  • Enriched with vitamin and minerals, antioxidants & proteins
  • No added refined sugar

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A nutritious and delicious assortment of energy bars, in this variety pack, fulfills all your health needs. Teeming with wholesome ingredients like oats, super seeds, quinoa, dried fruits and nuts this variety pack of cereal and granola energy bars are need of the day. With goodness from fruits like mango, orange, and the wonderful berries, these specially selected granola bars are flush with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy omega. The rich, lush and enticing flavors of peanut butter, butterscotch and chyawanprash charge ups your energy and boost your immunity.

Additional Information

Nutrition Facts

Energy - 161 to 180 Kcal
Total Fat - 4 to 8g
- Saturated Fat - 0.60 to 2g
- Transat - 0.00g
- PUFA - 1 to 2g
- MUFA - 2 to 4g
Total Carb - 21 to 24.05g
- Sugar - 10 to 13.14g (NO ADDED SUGAR)
- Dietary Fiber - 1 to 5g
Cholesterol - 0mg
Protein - 4.25 to 7g

Orange Zest
Black Dates
Corn Flakes
Black Currant
Soya Nugget
Wheat Flakes
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Quinoa Seeds
Palm Kernel Oil
Vitamin E

Customer Reviews

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Healthy yummy bars Review by Priya Singh
Overall Rating
They give you instant energy ,great for kids , They are a healthy snacking option ,it have high levels of protein ,it give you natural energy as they are high in fiber , contain the goodness of seeds i.e. omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants etc. . (Posted on 3/29/2019)
Great tasting snacks! Review by NED
Overall Rating
I loved the taste of orange, peanut-butter chocolate, berry blast and butterscotch flavours. Not a fan of Chyawanprash.

The outer box in which the product arrived was unnecessarily large. Inner packaging, too, could use lesser plastic! (Posted on 3/29/2019)
It tastes amazing Review by Gagandeep
Overall Rating
Protein Energy Bars includes essential vitamins, protein, fibre and comes in many surprisingly delish avatars. “Rather than spending time boiling eggs after getting home, you can simply eat these bars on your way home.” At Rs.60, this was the most value-for-money protein bar in the market. My personal favorite is peanut butter & choco. (Posted on 3/29/2019)
Nutrition bar Review by Uttam
Overall Rating
EAT's Anytime Granola and Snack energy bars, allowed me To get a taste of their different flavours I bought the box with a variety of flavours in it.
The box had the usual flavours i.e. chocolate, orange, mango, butterscotch, berry blast (made of different berries) but the sixth and the last flavour I found quite unusual was their Chawanprash flavoured energy bar( and this was the flavour I skipped eating and gave it to someone else as I'm not a fan of chawanprash).

All the bars have good amount of protein which people often don't bother about. Another that ticked another box for me was the satisfactory amount of dietary fibre in every bar. These bars hmare must have as everyone needs enery to function. Moreover, they are reasonably priced.. go get one for you. (Posted on 3/23/2019)

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