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  • The power of Seeds

    EAT Anytime bars bring to you the goodness of antioxidants, minerals and the Omega 3 to keep you healthy.

  • High in Fibre

    EAT Anytime contains fiber both soluble and insoluble making it a yummy snack for your tummy.

  • High in Protein

    These low Calorie bars are high in Protein which boost your immunity and improves organ function.

  • Natural Energy

    Made up of 100% natural ingredients, EAT Anytime bars provide natural energy to keep you active through the day.

  • Suitable for Vegans

    Good news for vegans, EAT Anytime meets all your expectations as our bars are nutritionally balanced and free of animal products.

  • Instant Energy

    Our wholesome bars are equipped to energize you, uplift your mood and keep you focused.

  • Suitable for Kids

    Perfect replacements for chocolate, ours bars are a healthier snack for your kids than a bag of chips.

  • Perfect & Healthy Snacking

    Low in sugar and fats, easy to carry and tasty to eat, EAT Anytime is a perfect snack on the go.

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