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Rich In Fiber

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

Class 1 Protein

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

Natural Ingredients

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

No Added sugar

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

No Transfat

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

No Cholesterol

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

Gluten Free

Healthy Snacks, Healthy food for Kids

We Are Made Up Of

EAT Anytime Energy Bars, Trail Mix Snacks & Protein Cookies Are Made From Natural Ingredients. Each Product Is Carefully Prepared Using Ingredients Which Offer A Blend Of Scrumptious Taste And Wholesome Nutrition.

Trail Mix Fruits & Nuts

Fruits & Nuts
25% - 40%

Almonds,Peanuts,Raisins,Cashew etc..

10% - 20%
Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Quinoa seeds, Sesame seeds

Pumpkin, Sunflower, Quinoa, Sesame

Complex Carbs
30% - 40%

Oats, Dates, Buckweat

15% - 35%
whey protein

Healthy Nuts, Superseeds & Class One Whey Protein

CLA Fortified
fat burner

Mindful cookies are rich in CLA, CLA reduces body fat.



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Our Motivation

We firmly believe, due to busy lifestyle and lack of healthy alternatives people tend to binge on unhealthy junk food. However, the awareness regarding the ill-effects of junk has been increased. Especially, the younger fitness driven generation has become more careful and alert towards their health.

The need to satisfy hunger cravings with healthy options have opened new avenues of many health products in India. In India energy bars and such healthy alternatives started gaining popularity as a daily dose of nutrition.

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